Charity Christmas Cards 2021 designed for local charity VisionPK

VisonPK are a charity based in Perth, Scotland who work with people within the local community who have sensory impairment. the main focus of the charity is to support service users to live as independently as possible.

My late granny was a service user for a couple of years before she sadly passed away at the beginning of lockdown no.1. She had experienced a really sudden deterioration in her sight in her late 80’s; up until then she had been a very independent person. Her support worker, Debbie, was fantastic with her and introduced her to some new gadgets including her prized light up magnifying glass she could read the paper with! Debbie also introduced the idea of an iPad with giant icons to keep in touch with the family and informed us of all of the community support that was available to allow granny to keep getting out by herself. Needless to say, as a family we were so impressed with what VisionPK did for granny and so designing some cards for them was something I was delighted to do! Christmas time for me is a time when I’m keen to give more than I receive and cards are a great way to do it.

you can see more of what VisionPK are doing locally by visiting their website here. if you would like to purchase some of the christmas cards I have designed you can do so by visiting my Etsy shop here.

For any other enquiries please just send a message!

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Hi Catherine,
I work for Murdo Fraser MSP. We are going to lodge a Motion at Holyrood congratulating your company for producing Christmas cards for people with sensory impairment. I wanted to check that the print on the cards is larger than usual?

Hi Paul, the print on the cards is large in relation to the size of the card which is A6, fairly standard for a greetings card, using plain text with a high contrast. The cards were designed in close consultation with the specialists at Vision PK.

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